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√ Innovate winning strategy
√ Accelerate speed to market
√ Electrify cross-functional team effectiveness
√ Maximise efficiency
√ Improve collaboration
√ Build high-performing teams
√ Turbo-charge decision-making
√ Boost your chance of success
√ Drive performances
√ Enhance leadership trust

RESULT: Successfully launch and beat expectations

We are a London based company working exclusively with pharmaceutical and biotech companies. By driving collaboration, we unlock the potential across the numerous teams involved. We are experts at streamlining communications for teams and senior management.
We ensure a successful launch, capturing the full potential of your product.

Innovate what we do


We approach project management from a different perspective than other companies. With our launch excellence model we unlock the potential within cross-functional teams, streamline communications, align goals and maintain momentum, consistently improving the path to market on all of our projects.


Our model encourages the formation of cross-functional project teams early in the development cycle, with representation from all the key disciplines. Engaging all team members, sharing goals and managing outcomes results in bringing products to market quicker and more efficiently than ever before.


At every level of the project communication is the key to its success. Experts at implementing and sustaining effective communication strategies, we engage all stakeholders, internal and external, ensuring that the people and processes are aligned and delivering successful launches time after time. 


Innovate’s unique framework encapsulates the ideal roadmap in the best -practices for a successful launch. At every step an effective, highly experienced project manager is critical to the project’s outcome and launch success.

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